About Daniel Warchow

Five generations of my family date their history in Ottawa back more than a century. Needless to say, I have strong family and community ties throughout Ottawa, and would like very much to meet and get to know you too.

Perhaps, you’re considering selling your home. You will need to know its current market value. Maybe, you’re thinking about buying another property, and need to know its market value. Possibly, you’re interested in acquiring a commercial property. My work involves helping first-time to well-seasoned clients including individuals, families and companies, both local and international. I provide solid research, analytic and negotiation skills from graduate studies, ongoing training and professional experience in the areas of social-demographic research, residential and commercial real-estate development, sales, leases and marketing services.

Whether you or someone you know are starting out or further along, I’m here to help with navigating the real-estate market to locate and acquire the right place for the right price at the right time.


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